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Albert Nerenberg




Albert Nerenberg is an aclaimed filmmaker, hypnotist and Laughologist. He specialized in documentaries on subjects hiding in plain sight. 

Stupidity and Laughology made a splash and were the first feature documentaries on the subject. And Boredom is likely the first major documentary to tackle boredom face on. 

   Nerenberg was working as a newspaper reporter when he smuggled a video camera behind army lines during the historic Oka standoff between Canadian military and armed Mohawk warriors.  Working in a war zone and many crazy situations since, Nerenberg learned a dramatic no limits approach to filmmaking lightened with a comic sensibility.

    Despite a modest TV hour budget, Stupidity, was the no 2 top grossing documentary in theatres in Canada in 2003. Like his other films, Stupidity would gain wider notoriety. It would inspire the World Stupidity Awards, a yearly gala at the Just for Laughs Festival, dubbed the “Oscars of Stupidity." Laughology, which demonstrated both the universal contagiousness of laughter, has a cult following internationally among laughter groups. 

      Nerenberg is now a Laughologist, an international lecturer on the subject of laughter. Laughology would inspire comic Laughing Championships in 12 different countries including the recent American Laughing Championships in San Diego. 

     Now Boredom, which challenges the structure of education and work is ready to do the same.  His next film, which will likely be the first to reveal how hypnosis actually works reveals shocking realities about the nature of human trance and the unconscious. Nerenberg has become a certified hypnotherapist as part of the research for his new film. 

    As a filmmaker, Nerenberg has worked with Dreamworks, Channel 5, CTV, and Just for Laughs. He’s been interviewed regularly on CNN, The BBC, Fox News, CBS and NBC, among others. He continues to reveal major topics that are hiding in plain sight. 

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